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Resonant Frequency Doubler for CW single-frequency lasers

FD-SF-07 Data Sheet

The resonant frequency doubler FD-SF-07 provides efficient generation of the second-harmonics of output radiation of CW single-frequency lasers such as Ti:Sapphire/Dye lasers, DPSS lasers (Nd:YVO4, Yb:YAG), fiber lasers (Yb, Er) and others. FD-SF-07 doubler features improved doubling efficiency and solid ultrastable performance when pumped with frequency-unstabilised lasers or when operated under conditions of high external acoustic perturbations and vibrations. Rigid and compact ring cavity combined with ultra-fast two-stage system that locks the frequency of the cavity to the frequency of the input radiation are a guarantee for high stability of the output power of the second harmonic.

Optimised resonator in combination with high-quality mirrors and high performance AR coatings of the optical surfaces of the non-linear crystal ensures relatively high level of output second-harmonic power. Pumped with 1 W fundamental radiation power the doubler outputs: more than 250 mW within the 350-475 nm range (for 700-950-nm input), > 200 mW within the 275-350 nm range (for 550-700-nm input), and > 150 mW within the 244-275 nm range (for 488-550-nm input). In these conditions the maximum efficiency of conversion of the fundamental radiation into the second harmonics reaches 40% for Ti:Sapphire pump laser and 25% for green DPSS/Yb:YAG pump lasers (532/515 nm) at the output power of these lasers of >=1 W.
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