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CW single-frequency ring Ti:Sapphire laser, model TIS-SF-07

CW single-frequency ring Ti:Sapphire laser

TIS-SF-07 datasheet (2,5 MB)

The TIS-SF-07 model of Ti:Sapphire laser is the optimal solution for multi-function source of single-frequency tuneable CW radiation in applications of atom cooling and ultra-fine resolution spectroscopy. Its radiation linewidth is < 4 MHz/sec, continuous smooth scan range is up to 45 GHz, output power is more than 1.6 W with 10 W pump and output range is 695-1050 nm. Working spectral range can be extended into the blue and UV regions with the efficient resonant frequency doubler (model FD-SF-07) by Tekhnoscan, which is optionally shipped with the TIS-SF-07 laser. The standard shipment of TIS-SF-07 includes ultra-fast PZT mount with a small mirror for subsequent stabilisation of the laser frequency (frequency stabilisation system is incorporated in model TIS-SF-777).

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