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CW single-frequency ring Ti:Sapphire laser, model "TIS-SF-077"

Ti:Sapphire laser

TIS-SF-077 datasheet (785 kB)

CW single-frequency Ti:Sapphire laser with frequency stabilisation, model TIS-SF-077, opens up new horizons in super-fine wavelength-selective action on objects of investigation. The output linewidth of this laser does not exceed 50 kHz rms and may be further reduced (up to 2-3 kHz rms in TIS-SF-777 laser) upon a custom order. Laser TIS-SF-077 features exceptionally low generation line drift: less than 40 MHz/hour. This remarkably small figure is guaranteed by a superb thermal isolation and stabilization of the reference interferometer and its special design.

Output spectral range of TIS-SF-077 is 695-1050 nm and the range can be extended into the blue and UV regions (350-525 nm) with the efficient resonant frequency doubler (model FD-SF-07) by Tekhnoscan, which is optionally shipped with the TIS-SF-077 laser.

Applications: atom cooling, trapping, and quantum manipulation, quantum cryptography, atomic lithography, atom trap trace analysis, atomic clocks, nanotechnology (nanostructure fabrication etc.), formation of cold molecules, high resolution spectroscopy including laser trapping spectroscopy, Bose-Einstein condensation.

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