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Ultra-narrow-linewidth CW single-frequency ring Ti:Sapphire laser,
model TIS-SF-777

Ti:Sapphire laser TIS-SF-777

TIS-SF-777 datasheet (1,9 Mb)

Flagship model TIS-SF-777 of Tekhnoscan's CW single-frequency Ti:Sapphire laser series features exceptionally narrow radiation absolute line width that amounts to only about 2-3 kHz rms (specification: < 5 kHz rms). Frequency stabilisation of the laser output is done with a thermostated high-finesse reference interferometer and special PZT actuators that work in an extended frequency range. The fast PZT-controlled mirrors allowed to avoid using an electro-optical modulator in the frequency stabilisation system, which would otherwise complicate the laser design and the electronic control boards as well as it would be characterised by additional radiation losses. Because of the foregoing laser TIS-SF-777 features relative simplicity and high reliability of design as well as high output efficiency: maximum output power of this laser exceeds 1.5 W with a 10-W DPSS laser pump (532/515 nm).

Besides the uniquely narrow radiation line width, TIS-SF-777 also features a unique function Smart Auto-Relock that allows uninterrupted laser operation in the frequency stabilisation mode under arbitrary external perturbations (acoustic, mechanic, etc.). Because of this advanced Smart Auto-Relock function laser TIS-SF-777 offers the user a new level of comfort when working with precisely stabilised single-frequency Ti:Sapphire laser.

Applications: TIS-SF-777 is primarily designed for high-precision experiments and technologies that make use of cooled atoms and molecules, as well as for research in the new technologies of high-density information recording (with resonant frequency doubler FD-SF-07).

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