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The main fields of application Tekhnoscan's lasers & laser systems

Laser Applications

Applications by Laser Type:

Single-frequency ultra-wide-tunable lasers:
atom cooling, trapping, and quantum manipulation, quantum cryptography, atomic lithography, atom trap trace analysis, atomic clocks, nanotechnologies (nanostructure fabrication etc.), formation of cold molecules, high resolution spectroscopy including laser trapping spectroscopy, Bose-Einstein condensation, artificial laser guide stars, materials analysis, control in vapour deposition systems
Ti:Sapphire lasers: TIS-SF-07, TIS-SF-077, TIS-SF-777; Dye lasers: DYE-SF-07, DYE-SF-077; hybrid tunable laser systems, UV-blue-green tandems

Narrow-line ultra-wide-tunable lasers:
wide-range spectral studies and characterisation of quantum semiconductor structures and meta-materials, nano-technological applications, processes monitoring & control, Raman and molecular spectroscopy, flow cytometry, quality control
autoscanned T&D-scan laser system, TIS-FD-08

Ultrashort pulse lasers:
ultrafast and non-linear laser physics research, photochemistry and biology, FRET analysis, terahertz or t-ray generation, frequency combs, microfabrication, parameters characterization of biological and photonics materials, direct-write of optical waveguides, fiber Bragg grating writing, nano-photonics, nano-medicine, high-resolution multiphoton tomography, fluorescence-lifetime imaging microscopy, optical DNA sensing technology, microsurgery, laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy, optical measurements in combusting flows and sprays, high capacity optical data storage, remote sensing, amplifier seeding
Ti:Sapphire laser FEMoS, Yb:KYW laser Femto-Star, Yb-based fiber laser Ytterbius-Master, Yb-based fiber laser Ytterbius-1100, Er-based fiber laser Erbius-Femto

Applications by Field:

- Nanoscience and nano-system fabrication ...  >>>
- Cooling and trapping of atoms and molecules ...  >>>
- Femto-technologies & femtoscopy
- Bio-technologies
- Metrology
- Terahertz Imaging
- OEM Applications

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