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Laser system for isotope separation
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CW single-frequency Dye laser

The Tekhnoscan group of companies manufactures photonic equipment (mainly tuneable lasers) for a variety of research uses. The Group also takes orders for research and development, as well as design assignments in connection with development of specialised laser systems, lasers, optical equipment and components.

The major products so far developed include:
- broad-range (2751100 nm) computer-controlled laser system with narrow output radiation line (16 GHz);
- ultra-narrowband (10 kHz/s) Ti:Sapphire laser (7001100 nm);
- ultra-narrowband (100 kHz/s) dye-jet laser (550700 nm);
- ultra-short-pulsed (110 ps) fibre laser;
- miniaturised atomic clock with a 24-hour instability not exceeding 5x1012;
- compact atomic vector magnetometer with sensitivity at the sub-nT/Hz1/2 level;
- mobile hyper-polariser of xenon nuclei (excess polarisation of the gas over the equilibrium state 12 orders of magnitude).

The products listed above incorporate original science-intensive know-how resulting either in unique device parameters or unique devices that have no analogues in the world, or both. The products developed by the Tekhnoscan group of companies embody the outstanding research experience of the Division of Laser Physics and Innovative Technologies at NSU. On special order, the Tekhnoscan group of companies develops and fabricates laboratory and pilot product samples of new photonic devices, carries out their appraisal, optimisation, studies and testing, as well as performs adaptation of device parameters to the customers application. The Tekhnoscan group of companies offers its enormous decades-long experience in fulfilling special R&D orders in the field of photonics, including many government and international contracts.

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