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Fiber Lasers

Fiber Lasers

Yb-doped fiber lasers:

High-energy Yb-doped all-fiber femto-, pico- and nano-second laser, model "Ytterbius-Master"
mode-locked fiber laser with super-wide range of output pulse width: 500 fs - 3 ns, pulse energy up to 5 uJ and record-breaking ultra-low repetition rate up to 30 kHz ...  >>>

Wavelength-tunable Yb-doped femto-picosecond fiber laser, model "Ytterbius-1100"
ultra-short pulse fiber laser with possibility of wavelength tuning over spectral range of 1060-1115 nm: pulse width: 400fs/10ps (femtosecond pulse on picosecond pedestal), pulse repetition rate: 5-10 MHz ...  >>>

Er-doped fiber lasers:

Femtosecond Er-doped fiber laser, model "Erbius-Femto"
mode-locked fiber laser: wavelength range 1560 +/-10 nm and 780 +/-5 nm, pulse width: < 100 fs, average output: up to 250 mW (> 1 W with amplification) ...  >>>

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